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Why go through the expensive and time-consuming court process. Mediation is a quicker, cost-effective alternative which achieves lasting results.

Why Choose Step2Mediation

The mediation process…

Saves Time

Swift resolution with mediation sessions organised to suit you.

Saves Money

Cost-effective alternative to court proceedings.

Saves Relationships

Preservation of relationships through mediation process.

Resolve Legal Disputes with Ease.

With our mediation services, you have the opportunity to openly address the issues that are affecting both parties. This allows you to make offers to the other side that are without prejudice, meaning they cannot be discussed during the court process.

Rest assured that all conversations are kept confidential, giving you the freedom to explore your own options.

Let's talk process...

Expert Guidance & Consultation

At Step2Mediation, our experienced team of mediators is always ready to discuss the merits of your case with you. We will guide you through the suitability of your issues for mediation and help you choose the best options for achieving the desired outcome.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at or through our telephone links for further information. Visit our pricing structure page for details on our fees.

Your Trusted Partner for Mediation.

Trust Step2Mediation to provide you with a professional and efficient alternative to costly court proceedings. With our expertise in civil and commercial mediation, we can help you save both time and money while facilitating a fair and satisfactory resolution to your dispute.

By choosing Step2Mediation, you are taking a crucial step towards preserving your working relationship and achieving a positive outcome.

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Our Mediation Services.

Click Below To Learn About Our Mediation Services.

Interpersonal Mediation

Resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships.

Family Mediation

Resolve family issues and move forward to your future.

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