Step2Mediation offers expert and professional interpersonal mediation to help resolve any kind of dispute that falls outside the realms of Civil and Commercial or Family mediation practices.

Why Choose Step2Mediation

The mediation process…

Saves Time

Swift resolution with mediation sessions organised to suit you.

Saves Money

Cost-effective alternative to court proceedings.

Saves Relationships

Preservation of relationships through mediation process.

Solutions for
Every Situation

If you find yourself in a dispute with your neighbours over issues like anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance, parking problems, or boundary disputes, our mediation services can provide a neutral and balanced process to help you find a resolution.

Are you struggling to see eye-to-eye with a colleague, causing tension and stress in the workplace? Or perhaps your organisation is seeking a more restorative approach to HR practices? Our mediation services offer a safe and neutral space for open discussions between parties, aiming to prevent the need for disciplinary action and its aftermath.

Do you have difficulty communicating with an older child? Are your older children facing conflicts amongst themselves? Or maybe you and your siblings have reached an impasse regarding the future care of an elderly parent. Whatever the situation, our understanding and experienced mediators can facilitate those difficult conversations, easing distress and anxiety.

Let's talk process...

Your Path to Resolution.

Whether you are dealing with these specific issues or something entirely different, our dedicated team is always ready to discuss how mediation can help and guide you through your options.

Contact us today through our phone or email links provided. For more information on our pricing structure, please visit our fees page.

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Our Mediation Services.

Click Below To Learn About Our Mediation Services.

Family Mediation

Resolve family issues and move forward to your future.

Civil & Commercial Mediation

Settle disputes and preserve business relationships.

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